About the Photographer

Val Brinkerhoff currently divides his time between teaching, photography, research (reading & writing) and family. He is currently an Associate Professor of Photography in the Visual Arts Department at Brigham Young University where he teaches commercial and fine art photography courses. His love for teaching in this medium has spanned thirty three years. He holds degrees in Art and Photography and considers himself an explorer and teacher.

His personal photography is diverse and has included commercial corporate, portrait, and industrial clientele, but his first love remains documentary and fine art photography. Val has completed the 'Sacred Places' research project. It has taken him, along with some of his students, to 45 countries around the globe documenting both ancient and modern temples and what they express symbolically through their basic form, archetypes and symbols. This research highlights not only sacred architecture, often amidst incredible landscape settings, but a consistent pattern of visual symbolism used in and on them, revealing a mostly lost ancient visual language now mostly lost. Understanding the role of the temple, ancient and modern, the multi-layered messages of scripture, and the lost language of symbolism used in them both, are at the core of this fascinating research. Most importantly, the archetypes and patterns of this symbolism reveal a rich doctrinal display tied to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Prints created from this body of work have been exhibited in solo and group shows from New York to California, and over the Web and are included in a number of public and private collections nationwide. Val has authored or co-authored 12 books (6 of which He is the sole author) and some 30 magazine articles (text and photography). He continues to enjoy photography and writing and has taught in many seting by invitation, including workshops, firesides, and formal presentations on a variety of topics. He and his wife Trina currently reside in Elk Ridge, Utah. They have four grown children (Michelle, Heidi, Kyle and Holly).

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Left: Val Brinkerhoff, Right: The Tor (part of St. Michael's Church), Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury, England, 14th Century


Making the Photographs: Most all work on the website is of high quality, capable of producing excellent prints up to 6 feet in length. The panoramas, for example, have been made via the combination of as many as 5 - 6x7cm film originals to produce files as large as one gigabyte in size. Early on most of the documentary photographs here were made using a 4x5” field camera and color transparency film. Later travel to foreign locales forced usage of smaller format cameras, mainly a 6x7cm medium format camera, again with low speed color transparency film (due to it's tight grain, exceptional sharpness, and color fidelity). With limitations for usage of larger, more professional cameras with tripods at many of the more controlled sites around the globe, smaller format, but high quality 10 - 36 megapixel digital cameras have been employed for access purposes in a limited number of the more controled sites.

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